[Retirement Income] Strategy Text Pack

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Product Description

Comprehensive Retirement Income Strategy Text Pack

Contains strategy text for giving the following advice:

  • Convert super to pension
  • Defined Benefit Fund (lump sum and pension options)
  • Death Benefit Pension (paid to spouse or other beneficiary)
  • Annuities (Fixed Term Annuity & Lifetime Annuity)
  • Pension rollback
  • Pension rollback, consolidate and commence new pension
  • Pension transfer to new provider
  • New Pension
  • Transition to Retirement Pension
  • Transition to Retirement Pension (including salary sacrifice contributions)

Also contains Statement of Advice strategy information pages on:

  • Transition to Retirement Strategy
  • Lifetime Annuity
  • Fixed Term Annuity

Strategy text files also include key benefits of advice, key risks and disadvantages, how the advice meets your client's objectives as well as links to additional information on superannuation.